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Finding the best way to have items of great value shipped across the US and the world can be hard to come by. Letter Box Tucson is a professional and courteous store that can take care of your needs in a timely manner. We are an experienced provider, which guarantees shipping services with an established precedent to ensure all packages are shipped and/or mailed in an organized and proficient manner. To ensure quality customer service, our packing services establishes a number of ways on handling shipping processes. The goal is to enable you to have your items sent across the world in a speedy manner without any delays.

Special size boxes

Various box sizesPackages can be of various sizes and required different boxes in order to be safely wrapped up. In order to ensure the safety of your item, Letter Box Tucson is equipped with a number of shipping materials to safeguard the items. The Tucson shipping boxes come in a number of sizes ranging from small to large and can handle any sort of item without problem. As a customer, you will not be required to expect anything less than perfection and guaranteed safety when it comes to the items being shipped. Letter Box Tucson understands the importance of having these items handled in an appropriate and professional manner at all times. Thus, the creation of different box sizes in order to keep options open is a necessary part of our service. You do not have to worry about your item being ‘too large’ or too ‘small’ for shipping. Everything is accepted within the box ranges as long as they are compliant with the local shipping laws and procedures.

Certain items will come in odd shapes that can be difficult to package. Some of these items include things such as golf clubs and posters. These items require special packaging that can ensure their quality is preserved and the shipping process is easily managed. Letter Box Tucson has custom packages to make sure these items are shipped without damage and quickly. These items go into marked ‘specialty’ boxes that are allotted to items with unique shapes and sizes. These boxes are designed to handle and wrap around these shapes with ease. The packages are all shipped with the same care whether it is being sent in a specialty box or a regular box.

Packaging materials

Various items that are shipped through our Tucson mail packing service require a sufficient amount of care. This can lead to special wrapping procedures implemented to ensure the safety of your items that are being shipped. Letter Box Tucson is equipped with materials that range from paper wrap to bubble wrap in order to protect items. There are certain items shipped at Letter Box Tucson that can come under the label of being ‘fragile’. These items are taken care of by being wrapped with safety materials such as the ones mentioned above. The bubble and paper wraps are designed for protection purposes and will not damage the products they are safeguarding.

Overnight shipping from Tucson

Are you in a hurry? Letter Box Tucson is able to provide the customer with an option of ‘overnight shipping’ in order to send their package out quickly. This overnight shipping option is available for all packages at a cost-friendly price. Our Tucson packing service is linked with FedEx and DHL in order to provide worldwide shipping options that are safe and secure at all times. One does not require a specific private mailbox in order to pick up these items at the location in Central Tucson. The location is willing to hold the items until they are ready to be picked up.

Private mailboxes for rent

Private mailboxes are available for those looking to have a more permanent option available at Letter Box Tucson. These private mailboxes are an excellent purchase for those looking to have 24/7 access to their mail. These items will be stored safely in our private mailboxes and available for pick-up at your convenience. This ensures a safer process and a consistent address in the event you move or you are in temporary housing.

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