PO Box Tucson

Letter Box Tucson private mailboxesIf you have been looking for mail services at a post office in Tucson, your Tucson mail can be delivered to you on a private mailbox. There are many reasons you should get your own private mailbox because it offers more value over the regular residential mailbox. These benefits include;

    • Private mailboxes offer security. There has been a notable increase in the number of identity theft cases reported all over the country. The root cause of many identity theft cases can be traced to personal information such as utility bills and checks stolen from the regular residential mailbox. This has led to people choosing to use private boxes or alternative means of receiving their mail.
    • They offer additional security to families that have traveled. Burglars have been known to watch out for houses with a residential mailbox that has been stacked with uncollected mail. When they come across such a residence, they are smart enough to assume that the owners have gone on a trip and end up breaking-in and stealing valuables.
    • The mail retrieval area of our private mailboxes are very secure being under 24hour guard with security cameras. Only the owners of the mailboxes or their authorized agents are allowed to venture in the area.
    • The private boxes offer a good degree of privacy. This is because they enable a person keep their home address unpublished. In case you are running a business, it shields you from customers having to find out your personal home address.
    • If you are a business owner, having a private mailbox gives you credibility. Customers get the impression that you have an established business running from a business suite on the street that you have listed as your address. A regular post office number does not inspire such confidence.
    • The beauty of having a private mailbox is that even when you move houses or the location of your business, your address does not change. You can be sure that your parcels and letters will arrive safely. Change of mailing address is one the most difficult tasks to undertake since it involves changing your entire marketing material and contacting numerous customers which comes at a steep cost.
    • They offer reliability because since all your mail delivered during office hours will be received by the attendant. This greatly reduces the chances of missed deliveries.
    • They offer a full service by receiving mail from all mail companies such as UPS, DHL and any other private service providers. In the case of the regular US postal service, it does not receive mail from private providers.
    • Private boxes are able to receive parcels regardless of size. This may be difficult on a regular mailbox since when there is no one home, the parcels may be left unattended at your doorstep increasing the risk of theft.
    • In most instances mail companies require someone to sign for receipt of parcels. This is difficult on a regular mailbox in case all family members are out of the house. This may force the parcel delivery guy to return with the package. If you have a private mailbox, there will always be someone to sign the receipt for you.
    • You do not have to drive over to UPS or Fedex when your parcel that requires a signature arrives, in your private box someone will sign for you and your mail kept safely until you pick it up.
    • In case you travel a lot, you can make arrangements with your private mailbox attendants to forward your mail to an agreed location. The mail can be forwarded on an agreed schedule whether weekly, every fortnight or even monthly.
    • Notifications are sent to you anytime you receive new mail. You do not have to keep checking whether you have received mail or not. In the event you are expecting an important parcel, you may call ahead and ask the staff of your private mailbox to give you a call the minute the particular mail arrives. This service is not available on the regular postal service.
    • Private mailbox providers also offer other services such as shipping and packaging of parcels. If you are looking for the most efficient one-stop mailing service, the private mailbox providers are your best option.
    • Private mailboxes are also great for students who need a temporary address for all their mail. Our Tucson central location is great for all college students and we are only 5 minutes away from the University of Arizona!
    • You can conduct your mailing business in a very short time while being served by our courteous and friendly staff.

It is clear that having a private box offer many benefits and they are not very costly. Call Letter Box Tucson today for more information. Go on, get your private mailbox today and enjoy the benefits.